5K Fundraiser


We hosted our third annual 5K race for Global Health and continued with our zombie theme (“RUN for YOUR LIFE”).

The race was located on UGA’s beautiful campus and each runner was given a belt with 3 flags attached. These flags represented the runner’s “lives”. Throughout the course of the race, Zombies came out from hiding and chase runners to attempt to pull their flags. The goal was to get to the finish line with as many lives left as possible. Hence the theme…”RUN for YOUR LIFE”. However, the great thing about MEDLIFE at UGA’s Zombie 5K is that the participants were also running for the lives of others as well – the lives of those who lack basic health care, running water, and education. We were able to raise a total of $1,700 making it our most successful 5K yet! All of the proceeds went to the national MEDFund to provide sustainable aid in Peru, Ecuador, and Tanzania

This year our 5k will be in the Spring, and there will be a theme change! Look forward to more updates about this event in the future.


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